How to get confident in bed?

If you are a younger guy, you might feel intimidated and shy in bed. This is completely OK since intimacy makes you extremely vulnerable and you feel completely open to any shortcomings or failures on your part.

How get your oomph?

First, it makes sense to watch some porno videos. Determine what type of girls make you horny AF. Be it blonde pornstars, mysterious Asian beauties or petite females. Make sure you understand what ways the males use to handle women, how they fuck them and how they control their orgasms.

Second, buy a masturbator and increase the time, during which you can go on fucking without cumming. In this way, you’ll become an amazing sexual partner for any cunt out there since you’ll be able to make her cum before you do.

And this is probably the biggest secret about being good in bed.

Third, just fuck around. Find some chicks who want to experiment too. It’s no wonder that you might be shy about your sexual performance since you don’t have enough practice in this department!